CROSSFIRE is a unique ministry geared specifically to the 4th and 5th grades.

In Crossfire, we seek to love and lead kids into a deeper understanding of the Bible and its central message of grace. Over a two-year cycle, students involve9I6IpizyEaqoU6B7h-Q0TiBsvav6dLrJ-Pjh9SpJm-Ed in Crossfire will complete a survey of major moments in the Bible narrative, always referencing these four fundamental questions:

  • What do I know about God?

  • How do I love God?

  • What do I know about people?

  • How do I love people?

Weekly Events

Crossfire AM

Crossfire meets every Sunday morning to be together, build friendships, grow in an understanding of God’s word and how it meets us in everyday life. We meet from 9-10:15am. Students are to meet their parents back up in the church lobby.

Crossfire PM

Crossfire meets for a fall and spring session every year. We start up in September.

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