IGNITE Coordinator: Stephanie Schall

2nd & 3rd Graders

IGNITE meets in Room 101

Sunday School (1st Service) – 9:00 am

KidsClub – Sunday Evenings September 18th – November 13th from 6-7:15 pm


What to Expect

Sunday School (1st Service)

Here is an example of what your child will experience during Sunday School:

  • Opener/Icebreaker

Fun game/activity while the kids are arriving

  • Worship Songs/Birthday Celebration/Announcements

  • Lesson

Spark & Ignite will be following the same curriculum every week. The separation will allow me to teach more specifically to the 2nd & 3rd grade level.

  • Bible Game/Activity

These activities will reinforce the lesson and the kids Bible knowledge. We will rotate through games that will reinforce the memory verse, books of the Bible, the lesson trivia, how to look up Bible verses, etc.

  • Small Group Discussion

Shepherds will meet with groups of 8-10 students in the classroom. Each week they will apply the lesson to three discussion questions and pray together. The weekly discussion questions are:

  1. What did I learn about God this week?

  2. What did I learn about myself/people this week?

  3. How can I apply what I have learned to glorify God & show the love of Jesus to people around me?

  • Free Time

Students will have time at the end to play games with the other kids and shepherds to make connections and friendships.


Who’s Serving Your Little Ones

We have an amazing group of Sunday morning shepherds who are looking forward to getting to know the kids on an every-other-week rotation. We are very grateful for each and every one of these servant hearts!

Leader: Stephanie Schall


  • Jacob & Jamie Bode

  • Kevin & Katie Cook

  • Tim & Adriane Muehleisen

  • Travis & Emily Ulmer


We have created a three year curriculum that will rotate through the below eight themes every year. During the three year cycle, each theme will rotate through the study of: a person, the New Testament, and the Old Testament. During the summer and in KidsClub we will rotate through the study of: The Armor of God, Fruits of the Spirit, The 10 Commandments, The Beatitudes, etc.

  1. God Created Me for Friendship with Jesus and Others

  2. God Can Use My Gifts to Glorify Him

  3. Thanksgiving/Being Thankful for:

  • Church

  • Friends

  • Family

  • Creation

  • Government

  1. Christmas

  2. My Identity is in Jesus Alone

  3. God Loves and Forgives Me

  4. Easter

  5. I Can Trust God Because He Keeps His Promises

IGNITE Family Connection Time

Resources that will help to keep the kids connected to the lesson, while providing an opportunities for families to come together to grow in their faith & love for the Lord as a family.


  • IGNITE Discussion Questions (If you do not have one ask Stephanie)

  • Theme and Memory Verse (every 5 weeks)


Video Post

After the Completion of Each Theme


  • Fall, Special Christmas Addition, January, Special Easter Addition, Summer

Kid’s Ministry Events

  • CPC Kid’s Ministry Bike Night – August 6th

  • Magic House – September 11th

  • KidsClub Movie Night – November 13th

  • Talent Show – February 12th

  • KidsClub Movie Night – April 30th


Do you have questions about IGNITE?

If you have any questions about IGNITE, please feel free to email Stephanie Schall @ stephanies@chespres.org.