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Worship the LORD with gladness, come before him with joyful songs.

Sunday Worship Times
9:00 am & 10:30 am

What is Worship?

“Worship” is a word most commonly used in the context of church, but it can be defined more broadly as the activity of rendering praise and adoration to someone or something that is worthy of it. As Christians we believe that the God of the Bible is the only One who is worthy of our worship, and that worshipping Him is what we were created to do. In Ps. 148 God invites all of creation to give Him praise because of who he is and what he has done. Our call to worship God is not out of obligation– it is the natural response of anyone who has heard and experienced his goodness. We believe that if you experience the good news of the gospel you will want to join the chorus. All are welcome!

Worship Services at CPC

Every Sunday we gather for corporate worship at 9/10:30am. We order our services so that each one communicates the arc of the story of redemption– creation, rebellion, redemption & restoration. As the body of Christ we participate in this grand narrative of redemption as we sing, pray, confess, give thanks, hear God’s Word preached, celebrate the Lord’s supper, and engage in a wide variety of practices that are Biblical and rooted in Christian tradition. Musically, we appreciate both ancient hymns and the modern anthems. We place a high value on the arts, both visual and musical, and we desire to worship in a way that is true to our context and artistic gifts as a church– letting the gifts of the congregation shape our worship as much as possible.

You can view our 10:30 am service live online. Go to Livestream.com/ChesPres and search for Chesterfield Presbyterian Church to stream our worship service.

Sermon Downloads

The preaching of God’s Word is one of the central elements of Sunday morning worship. For those who are unable to attend worship or would like to listen to sermons on their mobile device, sermons are available here as well as iTunes. All sermons are copyrighted property of Chesterfield Presbyterian Church.

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Sermons (10)

God's Blessing, Our Response
2 Chronicles 16:1-9 (Part of the II Chronicles series).
Preached by Owen Tarantino on June 18, 2017 (Sunday Morning).
The Work of Christ: His Atoning Death
2 Corinthians 5:21 (Part of the The Work of Christ series).
Preached by Owen Tarantino on April 2, 2017 (Sunday Morning).
Grace Changes Everything
Ephesians 4:29-32 (Part of the Vision 2017 series).
Preached by Owen Tarantino on January 1, 2017 (Sunday Morning).
True Heavenly Hope
Revelation 21:1-5 (Part of the Longing For Glory series).
Preached by Owen Tarantino on September 18, 2016 (Sunday Morning).
Blessings For All
Genesis 12:1-7 (Part of the covenant theology series).
Preached by Owen Tarantino on July 3, 2016 (Sunday Morning).
The Search for Shalom and The Strength of Shalom
Micah 5:4-5 (Part of the Various Sermons series).
Preached by Owen Tarantino on June 5, 2016 (Sunday Morning).
Who Is This King
John 12:12-16 (Part of the Various Sermons series).
Preached by Owen Tarantino on March 20, 2016 (Sunday Morning).
Help For The Oppressed
Isaiah 58:6-14 (Part of the 2015 Advent series series).
Preached by Owen Tarantino on December 6, 2015 (Sunday Morning).
There's a Storm Coming
Matthew 8:23-27 (Part of the Living Hope That Heals series).
Preached by Owen Tarantino on July 5, 2015 (Sunday Morning).
Join the Mission
1 Thessalonians 1:1-10 (Part of the New Year, New Me, New We series).
Preached by Owen Tarantino on February 8, 2015 (Sunday Morning).
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