Mission Spotlight 


Jake and Rose Welchans

When Greg and Laura Welchans moved their family from the Washington, DC area to West St. Louis County back in 2001, they spent the first several months “trying out” churches in the area.  They ultimately landed at CPC in large part because they felt like it was a place where their children, Caleb, Jake and Mary, could continue to grow in their walk with God.

Jake, now 25, has built upon the spiritual foundation begun at home and at CPC and is now involved in full-time ministry along with his wife, Rose, through Student Mobilization (StuMo) at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.  StuMo is a campus ministry that is growing rapidly across the Midwest.  Jake and Rose both connected with the organization while students at Arkansas, and both served on a StuMo-sponsored mission trip.

On campus, StuMo builds relationships with students and shares the gospel with them, hoping to raise up mature followers of Christ who can join them in their mission. “Rose and I spend most of our time ministering to students who are involved in Greek life, where the impact of Jesus Christ is desperately needed,” Jake explained. “We have an incredible movement that’s really been taking off in the past three years.”

This year will prove to be especially life-changing for Jake and Rose, as they just announced they are expecting their first child in October! “We are so excited! We hope you all will join us in prayer for good health for Rose and the baby, but also for wisdom during this season of our lives,” Jake said.

Additionally, they would appreciate prayer as they are about to leave for Destin, Florida, for StuMo’s summer project called Kaleo. They will be helping lead some 250 college students who spend their summer living in community with other students, get jobs, and grow spiritually while sharing God’s word with others.

For more information about ways you can support Jake and Rose, call or text Jake at 314-600-0188.